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    NBA 07 (USA) PS3 released and more!

    Today the GODs @ Paradox have released NBA_07_USA_PS3-PARADOX (NFO File) which is 5.06 GB (5,439,684,608 bytes) in size. Props to flash67 for the info, and also for those interested in today's PS3 RUMOR it is as follows: A little bird tells us that PDX-rival group Dynarox now also has a PS3 iSO HDD Loader ready, and are considering releasing it to beat the GODs. No specifics are available yet, nor any release date... so it's simply a RUMOR at this point.

    In Wii news today, Rawdump Wii Disc Dumper v1-4 (still slow at dumping) and the following releases are available: Wii_Sports_USA_Wii-PARADOX, Trauma_Center_Second_Opinion_NTSC_Wii-VORTEX, Call_Of_Duty_3_ NTSC_Wii-VORTEX, Gottlieb.Pinball.Classics.PAL.WII-SUSHi, Monster.4x4.World.Circuit.PAL.WII-SUSHI, Splinter.Cell.Double.Agent.PAL.MULTI5.WII-PHO3NiX, and Spongebob_Squarepants_Creature_from_Krusty_Krab_PA L_Wii-PARADOX... and we've heard through the grapevine that a Wii drive mod is likely to be available soon as well. Until one is though, keep archiving those iSO dumps guys! It will be interesting to see which will come first, a Wii drive mod or a PS3 HDD Loader! :grinb

    In other news today, muslix64 has released Backup Blu-Ray v0.01 (Pre-Alpha), which is for those who wish to experiment with this early version of Blu-ray decryption. To quote:
    Known limitations:

    Don't support BD+
    Don't support Volume unique key
    Only support one CPS unit key per disc
    I don't clear the HDMV_copy_control_descriptor in the stream
    Don't have any FAQ or document so far...

    You have to provide your own CPS unit key.

    The playback seems to work with VideoLan

    Because I don't have any Blu-ray equipment, I will need the help of the community to go further with Blu-ray decryption.
    PSP Files: PopStation v0.1 endSlabs Mod For PSP, Standalone PSX POPS Converter v1.6 For PSP, Yet Another CSO Compressor v0.30 For PSP, PlayStation Game Converter v2.0 For PSP, PSP Installer v0.2 For PSP, and PSP2600 (Atari 2600 Emulator) v1.0.1 For PSP.
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