As is typical for a Wednesday, lots of PlayStation Home news today including SCEE's Home Business Manager Daniel Hill introducing Navigator, Ratchet & Clank and SOCOM items among other updates.

To quote: The World Map has now been replaced by the brand-new Navigator interface (see the screenshots below).

Navigator will help you explore Home quickly and simply - allowing you to hook up with your PSN Friends at the touch of a button as well as check out "Featured Spaces" and new releases.

But that's not all, as announced yesterday, the Final Fantasy Eden personal space will be available to all users via Home Estates in the Shopping Centre tomorrow. This new personal space is retailing at 3.99 (4.99 euro) and will release with a selection of Final Fantasy XIII furniture to customize your ideal space.

Next up, we have a brand new selection of Ratchet & Clank figurines and ornaments available via both the commerce point in the Gadgetron HQ and Shopping Centre spaces. Check out the screenshot below of these funky new items:

Grab yourself a Dr. Nefarious, Ratchet, Clank, Clunk, Lawrence, Courtney or Gleeman figurine (there are plenty more to choose from too!) or maybe a RYNO V or Groovitron Glove ornament for your Harbour Studio.

Finally, if you're looking for some more threads, why not check out the selection of SOCOM Snow Camo items launching for both male and female avatars tomorrow. These will be available in the Threads section of the Shopping Centre and retailing at 0.99 euros per section.

Be sure to log into Home tomorrow to check out the slicker, faster new interface and brand new content on offer.

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