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    Naughty Dog Wishes PS3 Fans a Very Happy New Year 2010

    This weekend Naughty Dog's Senior Manager of Marketing Communications Arne Meyer has sent Happy New Year 2010 wishes to PS3 fans.

    To quote: All of us at Naughty Dog wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!

    2009 has been both incredibly busy AND amazing year for us on all counts. We started the year off working hard on UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves and we had no idea what was going to be in store for us and for our fans as the year progressed.

    We had our heads down for most of the year making sure we put together an awesome game that we think you would like, but when E3 came around, we took a moment to stop and realize that things were really coming together as UNCHARTED 2 picked up over 20 awards when all was said and done.

    It's safe to say we were stoked to get this recognition and it made us kick things up a notch over the next several months as we were putting the finishing touches on our game. When we released UNCHARTED 2 in October to critical acclaim, we were looking forward to hearing what all of our fans thought on NaughtyDog.com, the PlayStation forums, Twitter and anywhere else on the Internet you discussed our game.

    Now, we're wrapping up the year watching our game win Game of the Year not just once, but many times over and counting - and we couldn't imagine a better note to end 2009 on.

    Everyone at the studio has been on a well-deserved break for the past couple of weeks, taking some time for ourselves and spending time with our friends and families who didn't get to see too much of us as we were finishing up UNCHARTED 2.

    Hopefully you've caught a few of us enjoying our free time joining you in multiplayer here and there recently. We'll be back in the studio next week and you'll be hearing soon after that about some of the DLC we've been working on for UNCHARTED 2.

    We can't say it enough - thanks to all of you for being fans of Naughty Dog and our games! We work hard to make games that our fans enjoy and we couldn't have done it without such great and vocal support from our community. Happy holidays!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    antikol Guest

    Big Grin

    Great news Naughty Dog, and Happy New year to all of you out there!!

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    CyanCaze Guest
    A happy 2010 would be the release of Uncharted 3.

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    toxsik Guest
    Yeah wonderful, I love Uncharted 2 as well now please fix the skill rank reset bug!!

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    neco373 Guest
    Thanks and a happy new year to the naughty dog team.

    Looking for a great 2010 and i'm looking forward to the next version of Jak and Daxter if there is one.

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    mohp Guest
    uncharted 2 is probably one of the best games ever.

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