Naughty Dog's Evan Wells stated in a recent interview that Naughty Dog is extremely impressed with the PS3 and wants to bring Jack and Daxter to the next-gen Sony console.

Evan Wells spoke to IGN in a recent interview and he stated that the developer as a whole is extremely impressed with the hardware for the PS3. He also spoke about the future development of the company.

He stated that many people within Naughty Dog are dying to work on a new Jak and Daxter game utilizing the same technology interface that was used in Uncharted.

He stated to IGN, talking about the PS3 hardware, that "I'm more impressed with the hardware the longer we get to work with it. Imagining trying to develop Uncharted without the Blu-ray drive, without the hard drive, or without the Cell processor makes me wonder what kind of game we would have ended up with. It certainly would have required a lot more compromises than I would have been comfortable making. And much like the PS2, I think the longer developers work with the machine, the better the games are going to get. For instance we are only using approximately 1/3 of the processing power of the SPUs on the Cell processor in Uncharted."

When asked about what is coming up for fans from Naughty Dog, he stated "We're all very excited about the technology, engine, and development environment that we've created during the production of Uncharted. Believe it or not, even though the push to the end of this project took a huge effort, everybody is already champing at the bit to get started on what's next.

We're doing a lot of post mortems to identify what worked and what could be improved across all departments so that we can achieve even more with our next project. As for Jak and Daxter, there are still a lot of people here who would love to work on the franchise again, especially using all of the cool tech that was developed for Uncharted. However, exactly when you might see that is still anybody's guess."

Watch out Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter may not be far behind!

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