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Thread: Naughty Dog: No Mandatory PS3 HDD Installation for Uncharted 2

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    Naughty Dog: No Mandatory PS3 HDD Installation for Uncharted 2

    Mandatory PS3 HDD game installs have toned down in recent months, however, on the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves boxart a mandatory installation size of 1.7GB is displayed.

    Thankfully for those without a lot of free space, that is incorrect.

    Christophe Balestra, co-founder of Naughty Dog has confirmed that Uncharted 2 will require absolutely no installation.

    To quote: Naughty Dog has confessed that was a typo.

    Naughty Dog has just officially stated via Twitter that there will be no mandatory installation for Uncharted 2.

    "We can confirm there is NO mandatory installation for UNCHARTED 2."

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    maxpwer222 Guest
    I really do not see the issue with mandatory one time installs. I usually just let it go and switch to TV or go make a sandwich. Do whatever makes for the best quality game play and I will be happy. I hope they are not just doing this to make some people who whine about installs happy.

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    young blade Guest
    Same as above.. to me its all about quality.. altough space isnt much of a problem to me, got a 1TB drive.

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    zendor Guest
    Why canīt the install be optional. like the first time the game is run it asks "do you want to install a portion of the game to the harddrive? This will speed up loading times." and then if one answers no the game continues.

    Then they could have the install option in xmb too, so one can install it at anytime. They could also have the option to install the whole game or just the most nessecary parts. I know BD-discs can be 50GB but all games doesnīt use that amount of space.

    Another nice feature would be to install to a network drive. Then people with small playstation hdd and lots of games can have as many games they want on their computer since 3,5" drives are so cheap these days.

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