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Thread: Naughty Dog Announces Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Surprise Coming

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    Naughty Dog Announces Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Surprise Coming

    Update: has now confirmed that The Fort (video below), a brand new multiplayer map supposedly based on the "Fortress" chapter of Drake's Fortune, will arrive on Black Friday.

    Changes include adding Global and Friends list Leaderboards to the Multiplayer menu with the following categories: Global Competitive Wins, Global Co-op, Global Kills, Global Money, Friends Competitive Wins, Friends Co-op, Friends Kills, and Friends Money.

    They also added a player card to the Multiplayer menu and “The Fort” multiplayer map.

    Today Seesmic of Naughty Dog has Tweeted that a special surprise is coming for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves PS3 fans later this week, as follows:

    "Things are looking up that we're going to have something quite awesome lined up for multiplayer at the end of this week."

    Perhaps it's new multiplayer maps, new modes or fresh downloadable content (DLC)... we'll know soon enough!

    To quote: "With DLC promised for the title, this could be the first batch of potential free DLC for the game.

    While it's likely new maps, it should keep players entertained for some time. Whether it'll be free or cost a small fee isn't known, but I'm sure fans will be pleased either way."

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    Poopsqueege Guest

    Big Grin

    Doesn't it take away from the surprise?

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    4 way split-screen local multilayer? Please!

    Why is this feature the redheaded step child of this generation? All excuses aside, it is fun when you have a lot of people over, you know, for Thanksgiving!

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    I added an update to the first post with a video... it's a new multiplayer map entitled "The Fort" for those curious due out this Friday.

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