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Thread: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Gameplay Trailer available!

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    Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Gameplay Trailer available!

    A Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm gameplay trailer is available today courtesy of GameTrailers.

    Titled "Naruto vs. Kakashi: Rasengan Gameplay" the video description reads:

    With the aura of the Nine-tailed Fox exuding from him, the orange ninja executes his most powerful justsu at this stage of his training.

    Check out the trailer below:

    Enjoy guys!


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    nasuka Guest
    i like the graphics !! the characters are well done and decors are faithful (i'm sorry for my vocabulary but i'm french)

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    Sakagarai Guest
    I've been playing the demo again and again, it really feels like a episode of Naruto but very interactive.

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