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    Namco: Tekken Revolution is Free-to-Play Starting Today on PSN

    Namco Bandai Games Public Relations Specialist Nick O'Leary announced that Tekken Revolution is free-to-play Starting today on PSN.

    Below are the details, to quote: Everyone here on the Tekken team is very excited to finally pull the curtain off of Tekken Revolution, Namco Bandai Games' brand new free-to-play game that is launching today on the PlayStation Network exclusively for the PlayStation 3 system.

    The team has been hard at work making sure that every essential aspect that has made Tekken one of the best fighting games on the market for the past 19 years is present in Tekken Revolution. From the iconic cast of characters, critically acclaimed fighting engine, and gorgeous visuals, this is the Tekken experience fans know and love.

    However, since Tekken Revolution is a free-to-play title, some exciting new additions to the classic Tekken gameplay were implemented to take into account not only our hardcore fans, but also the PlayStation 3 owners who may have never played Tekken or a fighting game before. Here is a quick rundown of some of the new features in Tekken Revolution to get everyone up to speed with the new game!

    Character Roster

    Tekken Revolution features eight iconic characters to choose from at launch. The decreased roster size makes matches more strategic, since it's easier for players to remember strengths and weaknesses as well as matchups between characters.

    Each of the eight characters were chosen based on their unique play style and move set. Players will be able to purchase additional characters with in-game gift points, and characters will be added in future updates!

    Character Progression System

    Brand new for the Tekken series, players will be able to upgrade their favorite characters with XP earned by playing matches. Tekken Revolution features three attributes to increase; Strength, which increases your overall attack damage, Endurance, which increases character health, and Vigor, which increases the chance to land critical hits.

    This progression system allows for fans to tune characters to their preferred style of play. Do you want to set up Critical Arts combinations and cause additional damage by increasing Vigor, or simply increase Endurance and be able to withstand more attacks? The choice is up to you.

    Refined and Streamlined Moves

    Tekken Revolution features two styles of special attacks for each character, Critical Arts and Special Arts. Each character has four Critical Arts moves, which give players a chance to deal a large amount of increased damage on critical hits.

    Characters also have one Special Arts move in their move set, which grants them a period of invincibility at the start of the move. These Arts moves will be the backbone of your move set and will instantly be recognizable by the motion blur and particle effects during the attack.

    And that's just a taste of the improvements we have added into Tekken Revolution to be the first and best free-to-play fighting game around. The Tekken franchise has long been the leader of the fighting genre, constantly raising the bar higher for itself and its competitors. Everyone on the Tekken team hopes you enjoy our latest push forward.

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    croft72 Guest
    From what I've played of this by far it seems interesting but yet different from the usual Tekken titles. You would think that this game would have been introduced as the "Online Mode" within a Tekken game. (Especially since Tekken Revolution is online required. The game will go back to the main title screen if you are disconnected).

    There are some new features in fighting that adds to the gameplay which is cool, You only get to play so many matches with in a set limit of time and then you have to wait for "tokens" to respawn unless you want to actually pay for more.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    The model doesn't seem too bad for a free to play game, however if you have to shell out money (or be forced to wait) to continue to do a large number of matches then I lose interest there.

    F2P model has been proven successful on PC, but stick a lot of people behind a mandatory pay-wall and it's worse than a paid game.

    Take League of Legends for instance. Every important aspect of the entire game can be unlocked without paying anything, but skins and other 100%-unnecessary perks allow the game to thrive financially.

    If people really enjoy a game, they will be willing to eventually throw some cash in if they can afford it.

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