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    PS3 Square Button Namco Pulls Curtain Back on Tekken 6

    The quick answer: no, it doesn't -- but it's no slouch, either. With Virtua Fighter 5 already out in PlayStation in Japan, it's certainly in Namco Bandai's best interest to pour plenty of resources into their next-generation current-generation debut with Tekken 6 (which, so far, is a PlayStation 3 exclusive). At the arcade-centric AOU event happening in Japan right now, Tekken 6 started flaunting itself and also introduced two new characters, Zafina and Leo.

    Wallpaper artwork's already available for both on Namco Bandai's new website, but let's hazard a guess that most people are a little more interested in seeing how Tekken 6 stacks up to its already stiff competition in terms of looks. You be the judge.

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    jesus christ those screens look good

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