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Thread: Warhawk PS3 Online Community Site Updated

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    Incognito Studio Director Dylan Jobe unveiled a massive update to, a Warhawk PS3 Online Community Site as follows today:

    Sugaboo's Web site has been operational for quite some time now and he's just rolled-out a massive update!

    Clan Matches & Tournaments, Daily Leader Boards, New graphs, Per-weapon stats, Stats on individual games, Game Calendar and more!

    Below is just one example of a player stats page with game calendar.

    Based on feedback from our player community, there was always a set of very highly requested community features that Warhawk didn't support "out-of-the-box".

    These requests weren't forgotten!!! We were just thinking of the best and most extensible way to roll them out. And since they're community features, it was *critical* for us to develop a solution that would allow all of you guys, our players from around the world, to customize and enhance the Warhawk community for years to come.

    We think of it as the democratization of our player community - and yes, it's global so it's not just for American players!

    So... I'm not going to spew too much technical schwag at all of you but suffice to say, we now provide you guys with the full, and raw data stream from our stats database - not just awards and medals! Every game, every clan, every player, every kill.

    All of this data is delivered via XML so it's very easy to Web 2.0-ify a community Web site. Yeah, Yeah, I know I just said "web 2.0" don't hate me for using one of the most overused terms on the internet - It just happens to be true in this case so cut me some slack :-)

    When you click a player's name to access his stats page, you'll see a calendar that shows the days he (or she) played Warhawk. Click on specific day and you will see a link to the results of every game he played:

    The Clan challenge screen is where teams can schedule games and, via the new XML feed, reports the official results of the match! now provides our Warhawk Community with some great new features; features that are built upon the global Warhawk XML feed that was developed by the fantastic engineers in our Online Technology Group in San Diego.

    Lastly, I want to thank Sugaboo for all of his hard work! He has been beta testing our global XML feed for quite sometime and I'm so happy to see a member of our player community work to extend the very community he's a part of!! Thanks Sugaboo!

    The team and I really think that what you've done with our new XML streams is a great addition to our Warhawk community and we hope that XML game streams of this magnitude are adopted by other multiplayer games in the future!

    So that's it for now everyone - If there are any other community sites that would like to access the Warhawk global XML feed, please hit the Warhawk forums and post your info. We have a team in San Diego that can give you the proper server access.

    Rock on!

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    chrykel Guest
    i played the demo and it was kinda hard for me to control when it came to fighting, but it was a fun game when you get the hang of it

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    jmross24 Guest
    Love Warhawk.. wish they would keep up with it and start adding more stuff, maybe with Home promoting it they will.

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