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    My PS3 TRU Campout experience

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    Me and a friend decided that we were going to do this and for whatever reason we decided to take a ride out at 11 PM the night before. There was already a carlot full of people but no one with the balls to start the 11 + hour wait in the sub 30 degree weather, until we showed up that is. We bolt out of the car and end up first and second in line, and after that the rest of the people pile out and everyone other then the next two guys in line (who both wanted PS3's) and the next 3 chicks (who were very nice to us) were pretty pissed about it lol. So we showed up ultimately unprepared for this little event. I was wearing jeans, a shirt and a steelers fleece pullover that the wind just tore through and the wind was a blowin. He wasnt much better dressed and nethier of us took blankets, chairs, pillows, food or drink, or anything to do. The next two guys in line went home and got chairs and a ton of blankets for us and them and we saved their spot in line for them. So I ended up shafted once more with one tiny thin white blanket and WoW is a big man lol... it wasnt cutting it. So after about an hour of freezing the girl laying beside me says you look cold and covers me up, pretty nice I thought even though it wasn't a whole lot better... did hold the wind back a little.

    So a manager comes out and informs us she has only 3 60GB PS3's , 1 20GB PS3, 9 Wii's and 30 elmos. The other pair of friends decided they would let me and my friend have the two 60's since we were first in line. So after about 7 AM the next morning this wrather large african guy decideds to offer $200 for one of us to leave our spot in line, then when we laughed crazily he offered $1000 dollars for a spot up front and I nearly took it thanks to the danged crazy wind. It acutally got colder as the sun came out.

    So I put my $50 down and then I need to put another $549 when I go to pick it up. The voucher even says that you can get 30$ off your 3rd PS3 game... so looks like im getting 3 games and another controller.

    Anyone else have sucessfull camping?

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    Nice story mate, here's mine....

    Watched PS3News news pages intently waiting for news of a world wide release date for PS3 - was (unsuprisingly) let down yet again, turns out the USA and Far East get theirs a few months in advance (as per usual).

    So, being that i'm in the UK and generally have to wait an extra 6 months to a year longer than everywhere else, i thinkk - no probs, i'll just do what i did with my PSP and order it from..... LIK-SANG ... Hmmm, nope can't do that either cos $ony screwed them too! (thanks $ony!, you bunch of corporate..........................)

    Needless to say, my experiance has so far been pretty naff, but i'm here queued up waiting for the March 2007 release date. (Can someone bring me a flask of coffee and a blanket???? or better yet some nice ladies )

    Nah, just kiddin - i'm at home, but i'll be watching the ps3 scene news as and when it comes (and it WILL come!)...

    Then i will get my revenge on $ony!
    (Probably not, but i'll name a game character $ony and then kill it lots! with like, big knives and machine guns n stuff!)


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    We searched 3 Toys R Us in the area, all 3 of which were already packed with 15+ people waiting outside. 1 Toys R Us already sold out of the PS3 preorders back in April, and the other 2 had 6 or so allotted to their stores. We didn't even bother staying, we called it a night. Just going to have to get lucky and grab one at launch day at a department store, or wait till after Xmas.

    People were lining up since NOON on saturday.

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    I hear ya! I let my dumb friend influence me in a bad way. After planning to stay out all night with my friend for company, he gets a phone call from his ex-girlfriend's mom and decides he needs to go help her...Instead of leaving at 9:30 pm like I planned, I ended up going to Wal-mart for another chair at 10:30pm. On the way there, I passed by TRU and there was already about 13 people waiting outside. I asked if anyone had any information. Two people said the management has said there will be 8-10 PS3's for pre-sale. When I called the store earlier in the day, the manager told me 6-8 and all were core models.

    My friend went and checked out two more TRU's and they were both packed with people. He has some dumb idea that he thinks we'll be able to get one on launch day by just calling around...I live in Houston...There is a lot of people here that can afford these systems and will be hunting for them... Needless to say, after seeing so many people in line, I called it a night and went home to lay up with my woman...Come launch day, I'm not waiting for anyone (friends) and I'm thinking of taking the day off before to camp out.

    I already have one pre-order in line at GameStop, but they aren't guaranteeing which unit I will get. I'm 8 out of 9, so I'm guessing I will be getting a core unit. I want a 60gb premium, so that means camping out at Best Buy or Target for a couple of days. I wish everyone "Good Luck!"

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    This is all so insane, I love it.

    Congrats WoWchamp! Hopefully Sony launches enough units, so I can play you online

    We should organize a PS3News PS3 cartel and make millions....mwuhahahah

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    all i can say i went to toys r us on saturday to make sure that they will have preorders i saw like ten guys camping on chairs since 7pm and store opens up like at 11am i felt so sorry for them because it was freezing that day and they were outside 15+ hours they really did look desperete to me .. i just left and said WOW!!!!!!! lol

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    It was one of the roughest nights of my life, but I'd do it all over in a heartbeat. Being first in line has to be better then nearly everything else in life and I was #2 because my friend can run faster then I can.

    I'll be one of the few, one of the proud, one of the people who HAS a PS3 before next year! I earned this one 100X over, I hope some of you guys get em!! Good luck, I highly doubt many people at all who didnt pre order will even get to touch one until next spring.

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    i went by TRU late friday night and i saw 2 people just chilling there. i went up to them and asked them if they were waiting for the ps3 and they said yeah so i hurried home and got all my crap together and was second in line. good thing too because within 5-10 mins 2 or 3 groups came in after us. i was just hoping for one since i didn't know how many they had. but the two people in front of us left and we ended up getting 4/5 of the ps3z. yay!!!!!

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    Im hoping that after launch these babys start escalting in price on ebay. The 360 sold for $5000 at least in one specific incidence last year and the ps3 has 1/3 the units. I want to dump mine for $3000 after I've had 2-3 weeks to try er out!!!!

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    My story involves GameStop, but its still a preorder campout story

    I found out about the preorders the day before they started. I realize im going to have to camp out, and decide to drive by around 11pm just to check. I went out to get dinner at about 9, and decided to just drive by. There were already like 5 people in line. So i rush home, get my crap, and drive back.

    Im sitting there, and decide to tell my bro to come camp out with his fiance. So we all wait there, cold and incredibly uncomfortable (i didnt bring a chair). Then i called up my friends, and told them id give them 200 bucks if they could get preorders at a gamestop near them (which they did, without even having to wait)

    Next morning the manager opens it up an hour early, and lets us preorder and leave .

    Just a note to people about the "Non-Guarantee". Gamestop only has that because they dont know if Sony might mess up and miss their target. EVERY retailer should have this disclaimer, because noone is 100% guaranteed to get one on day 1. And you should have told GS which PS3 u wanted, they get what u order.

    Happy camping


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