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    Cool Out of Town :(

    So i had been planning on waiting over at EB for my pre-order but unfortunately forgot i had to go out of town, looks like i will be waiting in line at my walmart, luckily i live in a small town, but still a college town, so the local walmart gets alot of units, they got 60 PSP's back on its release and i was one of 7 people in line for it, look like ill do the same for the PS3 except ill get there at like 7 or 8 instead of 10 or 11.

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    My TRU voucher says expected date 11/17/06, so yea it seems like NONE of them gaurentee a console on launchday... more or less dibbs on whatever ones they get you know.

    I'll be there early, but I would hope they have enough common sense to put back enough to fill the 4 pre orders (which is all I hear their getting anyhow) and then sell whatever they have left.

    12 days!!!!

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