Creat Studios Boston VP of Product Development Jason Benham announced that Ms Germinator launches on PSN today with 20% PS Plus savings.

To quote: A lot of classic games had an unintended 'game over' screen where a certain level didn't quite fit into the game logic or memory. These levels have a name: kill screen.

Well, with the release of our new action puzzler Ms. Germinator, we ran into the very same problem: our very first 'Challenge Level' is actually a kill-screen and half the layout is totally glitched. Can you solve the riddle of the kill-screen?

Eagle-eyed observers will already have noticed that the left side resembles a level from the game that heralded the arrival of a certain famous Italian plumber, while the right side is the garbled mess you may expect on the Ms. Pacman kill screen. But, all is not lost - using expert precision and tactics, you can still navigate and conquer this particular kill screen, and you won't even have to be called Billy Mitchell to do it!

Seriously though folks, this is pretty big - we're going to regularly release new Challenge levels and run competitions too! For this first one, the highest score on the ranking board for the Challenge level at end-of-day GMT on Tuesday 20th August will receive a prize of three Creat Studios games of your choice!

Check out the store and our web-site - we offer a pretty extensive collection. For extra bragging rights, upload your score to Youtube (if playing on PS3) to prove you're the best in the world!

Other vital statistics you should know: cross-save, gobs of power germs, frozen germs, contagious germs, hundreds of levels, multi-layered attack waves in Arcade Mode, 2-player duels or battle the AI, working your way up to battling the mighty Ms. Germinator herself.

Ms. Germinator is releasing today for PS3 and PS Vita, priced 6.49/€7.99, with a 20% PlayStation Plus discount. So, go get 'em my peeps - there's no reason not to go get your cleaning gear on and go splat some germs!

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