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    PS3 Square Button MotorStorm (JAP) PS3 released; PS3 Exploited?!

    Update: In unrelated news, another BIG milestone has been passed today as HD DVD Encryption has been hacked! BackupHDDVD is a tool to decrypt an AACS-protected movie that you own, so you can play it back later using HDDVD player software. Will Blu-ray follow next, as it uses AACS as the primary security layer... or so we hear!

    Once again the GODS @ Paradox have released another PS3 iSO dump as follows: MotorStorm_JAP_PS3-PARADOX and from the NFO File comes the following hints today:
    | cOMPANY : SCEI | rELEASE DATE : 27 Dec 2006 |
    | sYSTEM : PlayStation 3 | sIZE : 120 x 100mb |
    | tYPE : Racing | vIDEO MODE : NTSC/JAP |
    | sUPPLIER : Huey Lewis | cRACKER : Wireless B/G? |
    | mEDIA : BLU-RAY | pLAYABLE : Yes they are |
    And also the following interesting note:
    | sPECIAL nOTE: |
    | |
    | Happy new year to all members who helped in the past and present! |
    | And a question to all, is there a bug in the system software from |
    | the playStation 3(R) Yes there is Nothing to add more.. |
    As always, feel free to discuss this cool news in our PS3 Chat Forum and enjoy! :grinb

    Finally, some PSP file releases today: PopStation KS GUI Mods v0.2-v0.4 For PSP, PSX Base.PBP With Keys.BIN Converter For PSP, Flash0 Free Space File Calculator v2 For PSP, and Quasi88 v0.6.1 BETA 6 For PSP (PC-8801 Emulator).
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