SCEA Producer Daimion Pinnock has announced today that the week-long MotorStorm Apocalypse PS3 Multiplayer demo is now live on PSN.

To quote: A storm is coming to PlayStation Network! The MotorStorm Apocalypse multiplayer demo arrives on PlayStation Store in today's Store update and will be available to everyone for one week only.

Here's an overview of what you can expect from the demo of Evolution Studios' latest adrenaline-fuelled action racer, which is out now on the PlayStation Store.

Seven days of intense action racing

Get ready to experience the simultaneous challenge and excitement that comes from trying to win races while a city comes crashing down around you! You've only got from Tuesday, June 28th until Tuesday July 5th to get in on the action, so make the most of the opportunity by taking part in this special week-long demo event while you can.

Incredible visuals

The action looks stunning, especially in high definition if you have the set up. To really bring every race, crash and explosion right into your living room, try to experience the game with a mind-blowing stereoscopic 3D setup!

16-player online races, including two-player split screen
Face down the competition in brutal races against up to 15 players world-wide. Go in alone, take a split-screen buddy into the action with you or meet up with your friends to form a party online.

You'll earn new Ranks and rewards for surviving the carnage, beating opponents and racing with style. Boost your rewards from every race by wagering on any rival you think you can beat; There's a healthy bonus awarded if you beat them and you can choose whether to add it to your career earnings or risk it all on the next race for an even bigger reward!

Three of the full game's 35 online races to survive You've never seen races like these...

The Mile High Club

Smash through offices and across the sides of downed skyscrapers in a lunatic adventure over the breathtaking rooftops.

Off the Rails

A gigantic rift has ripped the subway system open...and MotorStorm is holding races in it! Barrel through the fiery subway tunnels and into the rifts themselves as crazy looters attack and trains bail straight into the station.

Ship Shape

An abandoned shipyard is the perfect playground for intense, high-speed action-racing, where there's little room (but plenty of opportunity) for costly mistakes.

Five of the 13 vehicle types from MotorStorm Apocalypse to customize and race. Stamp your unique identity on the Superbike, Buggy, Supercar, Racing Truck and Big Rig and then equip your preferred performance boosting perks to give you an edge when you go out to battle in the concrete jungle.

You'll earn better body parts, customization designs and perks as you race and improve with each vehicle. Make use of the kit you are awarded to modify your vehicle so that you stand out from the crowd! ...only Seven Days?

The demo will be available for download on PlayStation.Store for 7-days only, however online play will be possible until Thursday July 7 at 02:00 PDT, so you will have extra time to run a few more races before the free demo runs out.

If you didn't already know, the full game is [url= sSortOrder=asc&cii_nRGID=1864&cii_nRID=0&cii_sCT=& cii_sCDataavailable now[/url] and has just been updated and expanded with the free After Party update, which introduces an all new day-and-night track, Weekly Challenges, multiplayer playlist updates and more. There are also regular community events taking place in MotorStorm Apocalypse: check the MotorStorm community space to see what's taking place right now.

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