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Thread: MotorStorm 2 teaser trailer out!

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    wicked insanity Guest
    I don't know why your complaining, after looking through your other posts, it appears you dont have Motortorm or even a PS3 so it doesn't really affect you eitherway...

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    darksector26 Guest
    not entirely sure which post your looking at or what made you suggest that i dont own a ps3 and who says i have to own motorstorm to have a ps3 anyway and either way i have many friends that own a ps3 (Me included?) so when Motorstorm 2 comes out i will enjoy the splitscreen whether or not i own a PS3

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    wicked insanity Guest


    Dearest DarkSector26,

    In the immediacy of your response, I wasn't referrencing any specific post that you may have authored, it's just that the way your other posts are written, it suggests that you have an Xbox 360 and a Wii, and I very much doubt you have a PS3 aswell, although I may well be wrong, and if that is the case then I apologise for any inconvenience caused as it were.

    On the other hand if I am corect in my assumption then, I stand by my word, in that it doesn't really affect you so much; unless of cause you spend a considerable amount of time playing games on your friends PS3, and what a great friend they must be because of that.

    On another note, I also believe we should get back to topic, as I fear it has gone astray, and we are not arguing the argument anymore, but instead the person arguing it.


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    aviator Guest
    I was momentarliy dissapointed when I learned the first game didnt have split screen... So my peeps and I raced others on the network and just traded off each race and had just as much fun. Kinda like team racing...

    I am looking forward to this one though.

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