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    PS3 Square Button More PS3's in stores today!!!!

    Probably old news to anyone here but as I said I work at UPS and today EBgames got more PS3's in. In fact more than they recieved for launch day. No other store I saw today got them so im guessing sony is gonna try to help them catchup on their preorder snafu before everyone else gets a lot of general public sale systems. Just an FYI that anyone who preordered with EB or Gamestop stay by the phone I am guessing you will get it this week or next.

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    March? Wow, they making these things by hand?

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    EBAY sellers are already toast lol as I pointed out prior to launch. People paying 3-4k (legitimate auctions) then down to 1500 launch day and now less than 1000. They will keep coming steadily but slowly im guessing. The boxes that came today actually still carried the launch date stickers so maybe the 400,000 number for launch day was not made as well.

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    PS3 Square Button

    I can confirm that the GameStop in Mayslanding New Jersey did recieve more today but they of course go to fufill the reserve obligations before being offered to the general public.

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    PS3 Square Button Update

    I helped a coworker load his truck today with a high volume best buy that received 40 PS3's. So keep plugging away. The way our trucks are setup Best Buy would get their delivery possibly before opening if not then shortly after for all you peeps trying to snag one.

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    man i missed the ps3's at my local bestbuy they got some in this morning and sold out already. Can anyone who works at bestbuy confirm whether or not they are going to be selling them on blackfriday. none of the stores i called seemed to know

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    best buy in la brea, ca is saving some to sell on friday. good luck getting them as there have been several people at the store already looking for the coveted consoles.

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    Retailers generally dont hold merchandise for Black friday unless its a spectacular deal. Since its not on sale, No, unless they get them in on Black friday they wont be selling them. But the fact that a retailer such as best buy got 40 yesterday should shed some hope for those wanting to get one before Xmas. A little diligence should be able to get you one.
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    I have a friend who works at the best buy here in town and he claims they have word that they will have 40 this friday

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    I meant that best buy in la brea, ca would be getting them in on friday/thursday night and then selling them. sorry for the confusion.

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