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    Jul 2005
    if all of these bugs aren't fixed by the expected release date, i would rather have a delayed release. because 5-6 hundred dollars is a lot of money to be spending on a machine that might not even work to its full potential. if im spending this much money on a console, i expect it to run flawlessly, even if i have to wait a few more months for it to be perfect.
    in the end, i believe sony will solve all these issues; hopefully in time for our november release date!

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    There were a few titles for the PS1 that sold me on sony forever. I remember the hours and hours spent infront of that thing with FFVII, A-Train, Sim-City, Fellony 11-79, Tomb Raider, Steel Regin, and the madden games.

    That and I didnt like the xbox, already had a sony machine which had done good and liked the GTA games which WERE sony only.

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