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    More Free Space on my PS3 please!

    im a newbie in linux so could anyone please help me? i have fedora core installed and i whant to pass big files and movies from my pc to my ps3 but this say that i only have 600mb of free space!! this is not possible because i have seen posts in which you can put games and blu rays on the ps3 so what must i do to get more free space? it as do do whith something called kernel? i dont know what that is... sorry for being so ignorant.

    Can someone help me please? i have re-installed the linux on my ps3 and when i see the free space of my "root`s home" it says i only have 1.1gb. And i still have 39 gb left ond the hard of my ps3! cant i use this 39 gb on the linux?
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    No, PS3 only lets you use 20gb for OtherOS, YDL takes close to 10gb, not sure about fedora, so you really only have 10gb to play with. make sure when you delete things you empty trash.

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    If thats true what you say then something is not right whith my ps3 because it only lets 10GB to use to OtherOS (when i go to format settings it as the option "Allot 10gb to OtherOS") And because of that it is why i have only 1gb left.

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    Try mounting a UNIX NFS share or windows samba share. Also you can attach an usb hard drive.

    Sorry, i didn't read the edit. About using ps3 free space on Linux, isn't possible as they need different partitions and use different file systems.

    As far as i remember, on my 1.50 fw PS3, it gave me the following options for partitioning:
    - 60 Gb Ps3
    - 10 Gb Other OS / 50 Gb Ps3
    - 50 Gb Other OS / 10 Gb Ps3

    You can choose any of those layouts, but you cannot access between the partitions. Also you will lose all the data at the hard drive each time you change the partition layout.
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    i think i understand now. if i format my ps3 again and if i choose the last option "10gb to the ps3 and 50 gb to the OtherOS" then it will be the reverse in which i can use all the free space on the linux and only 10gb on the ps3 system. if thats right i will choose this way since the linux can store all my files and play the same things the ps3 system can!

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    Yes, thats right.

    Anyway remember that you can always add more free space under both systems adding USB flash or hard drives. Also under Linux, you can mount network shares from windows or unix boxes, so you could play movies stored on your PC without really copying them to the PS3.

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    just buy a usb hard drive and use the 10 gig to other os setup and you store all your rips and movies on the ext hd.

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    Ok now i must really buy one usb hard drive! Thanks

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