Square Enix Europe Brand Manager Antonio Marfuggi has unveiled even more Final Fantasy XIII PS3 items that are hitting Sony's PlayStation Home today.

To quote: A while ago we promised to bring you more FINAL FANTASY XIII goodness to PlayStation Home. Well, today we've done it.

The long-awaited characters costume sets are now available in the Home stores, and we cannot wait to see you going around dressed like Lightning, Snow, Vanille, or sporting a fancy Chocobo Chick like our gunslinger Sazh.

Along with that, we've released some funky furniture pieces to bring more of Cocoon into your personal spaces. Here's a list of the new items:


- Snow Costume Set
- Lightning Costume Set
- Vanille Costume Set
- Sazh Costume Set
- Sazh Wig with Chocobo Chick


- Cocoon Ball (Balance Ball)
- Lightning's Gunsword (Sword Model)
- Lightning's Gunsword (Gun Model)
- Airship Model

Enjoy, and let us know what you think about it!

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