Sony Europe's Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has shared the PlayStation Home EU content updates today, which include Monkey Island 2 and new personal spaces among other changes.

To quote: WipEout celebrates 15 years on PlayStation with the brand new WipEout Museum space in PlayStation Home launching this week!

The space also includes a DJ area for relaxing or getting pumped up before a race. Access the DJ decks to pick a track and pick your spot to dance along to the music!

There will be a selection of Monkey Island 2 content this week. There's more coming soon as well, including a bundle pack that includes all of the Monkey Island 2 content that will be released.

Also hitting the stores this week is the latest range of 80's attire from the Playground space. Over at the Mui Mui ship you can pick up the latest crazy head wear with the Domingo hat, along with some new swim wear.

For fans of Just Cause 2, there's a range of great items available this week. The V-store updates this week with a range of Batman shirts.

Been waiting for more Street Fighter IV costumes? Good news this week, then, as we release seven more costumes: Rose, Sakura, Abel, Dan, Fei Long, Gen and Gouken will all be available this Thursday.

Starting this Thursday there will be trailers for The Last Airbender in the cinema. Keep your eyes open for the special posters, where you'll be tasked to 'Discover Your Element'. You'll receive a special element flag to hang on your personal space wall and a Last Airbender t-shirt.

Heads up for those who have been enjoying the Hustle Kings event space. We'll be removing this one next week, so head to the space during the week for a final ball-dodge fix. If you've not won the prizes yet, then this is your last chance!

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