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    Apr 2005

    ModNation Racers PS3 European Beta Release is Tomorrow

    SCEE ModNation Racers Technical Director James Grieve has announced that the ModNation Racers PS3 European Beta release is tomorrow.

    To quote: My name is James Grieve and I am the Technical Director on ModNation Racers here at United Front Games in Vancouver, Canada. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to all of you in preparation for the unleashing of the ModNation Racers European Public Beta.

    As a lot of you may have heard, the response to the North American beta has been amazing.

    With tens of thousands of creations published and almost 100,000 online races run, the team here has been amazed at how people have taken to the game. The creativity of players' creations just blew us away... there was stuff in there even we had never thought of doing

    We have also received a ton of useful feedback from players, and likewise we hope to hear from all of you. The team is hard at work finishing the game now, and a lot of that feedback is being listened to and addressed. One of the key focuses of the beta has been online stability and load testing.

    The data we have gathered has been very useful in this regard and the European data will be even more so. We have already used some of this data to tweak our server configurations, so hopefully things should be running nice and smooth. We're continuing our frame rate optimisations and load time improvements, and these will be ready for the final game.

    One thing we were disappointed in was that we weren't able to release the European Public Beta simultaneously with the North American version. Because of this, we have decided to open up a couple of new tracks and we hope you really like them. They will give you a taste for a little more of what the ModNation Racers experience will have to offer and hopefully they make up for the wait

    I also just heard that the Public Beta will be released in Australia and New Zealand as well. Although I've been in Vancouver for a few years now, I am still an Australian at heart, so I am very happy all my compatriots will be able to join in the fun

    Anyway, remember to log in to PSN January 21 to get in line for the download. We look forward to being even more surprised by all the creative and exciting stuff that goes on and hope everyone in Europe has a great time in ModNation!

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    vt1100 Guest
    I'm lost.. I missed the U.S. beta launch? I never received any info after I registered...

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    heartagram62 Guest
    Please correct me if im wrong but I believe only the first 100,000 downloads get into the beta. After that the download will vanish from the store.

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    Raze1988 Guest
    Finally it's our turn! Being a huge fan of Mario Kart, I'm having high hopes for this game.

    Better not disappoint me!

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    Assignator98 Guest
    It's the evening here in australia and the 21st.. can't wait, if anyone have any news please post here so we can download

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