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    Apr 2005

    ModNation Racers PS3 Beta Codes Going Out, Beta Key Giveaway

    Today is an exciting day for ModNation Racers fans, as Sony is now sending out e-mails with PS3 Beta codes and "limited" ModNation Racers themes.

    Additionally, GameSpot is giving away 2,000 beta codes today for the upcoming kart-racing title from United Front Games.

    The beta codes will be available today, Friday, December 18th at 10:00am PT so grab one if you want to join in!

    From the e-mail invite, to quote: "Buckle up and boost, drift, and shoot your way to the front of the pack!

    The ModNation Racers online Beta rumbles from 12/18/09 through 1/10/10. Your online Beta voucher code is valid for redemption on 12/18/09."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    livpool Guest
    dammit! i have to stay up till 5am

    is anyone kind enough to grab me one too?

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    Mantagtj Guest
    yeh its okay if you're bloody american (no offence) but it does my head in how you have to be american to get anything...

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    livpool Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Mantagtj View Post
    yeh its okay if you're bloody american (no offence) but it does my head in how you have to be american to get anything...
    i know.. why is it always in america? i've even made a north american account so i can get these promo codes.. if they make me have to use a proxy i'm gonna kill them. its so hard to find a NA proxy.

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    Shrink Guest
    Damn it! Bound to NA. I never get any beta codes. I'm so mad at Sony.

    If anyone want's to sell his beta-code send me a PM!

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    Misled3k Guest
    I got one!

    I love this website, you always find all the useful info here!

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    Jdude Guest
    I am SOO excited!!! I don't even have a ps3 yet but now that I have a code to this game! I think I'm gonna get it for Christmas and the game was based off of play create share and that was pretty cool for LBP.

    Oh yeah, btw if I get another code from LBP game of the year edition, I'll give it to one of you guys that can't get one!

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    yoraco Guest

    Cool i got one :-)

    I got the beta key , and I'm not american

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    AzzzPirateBritt Guest
    Anyone happen to have an extra key and feeling generous? Seems I missed out on this.

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    Athio Guest
    Ya i missed out on this too, I ..really want this game its looks amazing! I can't wait to play it. If anyone has any extra codes or knows where I cant can get one please let me know PLEASE

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