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    MLB 10 Limited Edition PS3 Slim 250GB Bundle Surfaces at Target

    Another PlayStation 3 bundle has surfaced, this time being an MLB 10 Limited Edition PS3 Slim 250GB bundle uncovered by JoyStiq at Target.

    The bundle price is $349.99 and currently the status is pre-order, with shipping available in 2-4 weeks.

    To quote: "Two weeks ago, we published reports from a Target employee who claimed an MLB 10-branded 250GB PS3 Slim bundle had appeared on their store's list of new releases.

    Recently, another piece of evidence surfaced which adds further credibility to the story: Target's online store recently added the MLB 10 bundle to its virtual shelves.

    The online listing is scant on details - it only mentions that the bundle comes with the console and a copy of the game. The tipster from two weeks ago reported a release date of June 13, and a price of $349.99 for the package."

    MLB 10 Limited Edition PS3 Slim 250GB Bundle Surfaces at Target

    MLB 10 Limited Edition PS3 Slim 250GB Bundle Surfaces at Target

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    It is cool that $ony market the PS3 with bundles so you can at least play a game when you have opened and installed your newest best "mate" for the next 6 months. What's even cooler is that at the time (after you have saved enough money) when you can actually buy your PS3 it might be bundled with a title you actually really really want.

    But you get people who do not want to have the game in the bundle but will also not wait for the "right stuff" to purchase a PS3. I reckon, $ony should just include a voucher for any game available at the time in the bundle. This could be better marketing for the PS3.

    PS: I am not knocking MLB - I like baseball!

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    Sony always find a way too much. What a pig they are.

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    Packaging them with games and padding the costs keeps the used market moving too. A lot of local people who don't shop online will go through local papers and maybe regional segregated sites like craigslist and buy low; usually at half the cost.

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    I agree with OGroteKoning, if they had some kind of redeemable voucher to buy any game that's out (maybe a 60 dollar or lower game) with a bundle, it'd be awesome, but I understand why they don't.

    They want to promote certain games that they know are great representations of what the ps3 can do, and I'm pretty sure they're always ps3 exclusives (please correct me if I'm wrong on that one). MLB The Show for example is a ps3 exclusive that must use a LOT of power to generate those kind of graphics and physics that are accurate down to .01 seconds

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