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    MLB 09 The Show - Hear Yourself Cheer In-Game on PlayStation 3

    Today Public Relations Manager Alex Armour announced the following news:

    MLB 09 The Show is officially announced today, ready to arrive this coming Spring on the PS3, PSP, and PS2. As the market leader in the baseball category, the team did not want to rest on their laurels and churn out a lackluster effort.

    For this year, the team is including a number of new features and visual detail to once again bring the best and most realistic sports gaming experience available.

    Last year we allowed players to import their own music from the PS3 hard drive so they could listen in game. Now, the team has gone a step further by creating the "My MLB Music" feature. This will allow players to use the in-game music editor to create snipits of music that can be saved and used as customized walk up music for their favorite players.

    Additionally, have you ever screamed at your TV at a bad (or good) play when engaged in a sports game? Well now your voice can be heard IN THE GAME by allowing users to record their own fan chants and yells and integrate them seamlessly into the ambient crowd noise. It'll sound like you're really there.

    Of course the team is all over the details and as the leading baseball game simulator out there, how could they not? Transitional lighting is now included so players will see the lighting and shadows change gradually from a late afternoon game into night.

    There are also many more details within each stadium including unique jumbotron animations, realistic fan reactions, and wear and tear on the field. Also for the New York fans out there - you're probably curious to know how your new stadiums will look like for the Yankees and the Mets? Well wonder no further as MLB 09 The Show will have them in the game, in full detailed glory.

    But back to the features. Our exclusive "Road to the Show" mode has been improved with an all-new practice mode, Franchise mode has been expanded to include 40 man rosters, and the new online season leagues are available, allowing friends to get together in a league and pool MLB players together for an in-game fantasy draft.

    We'll be talking much more about this game and showing the goods as we get closer to launch next Spring! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elevator Guest
    That feature sounds like a lot of fun. It's kinda like NCAA football allowing you to choose the music for different parts of the game, but on a whole other level. I wanted to record some of the fan noise from the games I went to and then put that into NCAA football, chants, cheers, sound effects, etc. Looks like it'll be easier with "The Show" maybe they can bring it to NCAA next year.

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    omar8503 Guest
    The screenshots for this game look amazing. MLB 08 was by far the greatest baseball game I ever played. MLB 09 i think is going to be amazing. The ingame chants is neat but i wonder if it will work online. If so we'll just be hearing non-stop racial slurs from people.

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