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    missing rumble in the ps3!!!!

    the ps3 is comming out this November without the rumble feature in the controller!!! we got to let sony know that the feedback is important. they should do both (motion sensor and rumble) they just can't take out this technology
    we should all sign a petition and let them know we care about the rumble feature.. i mean , we won't be getting feedback while playing call of duty 3, resistance etc... i was playing on a 360 latlely, and let me tell you that the rumble feature made a difference in the gameplay, it added a big extra feature to the game. i can't picture me playing without the rumble for this next gen ps. it doesn't seem right. the ps2 has it. and it was great
    i think they definetly should put it back for good

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    There are already threads on this topic... try searching and posting in one.

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