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    Starlight Guest

    Mirror's Edge PS3 Version Graphics Slightly Better than XBox 360

    After downloading and spending a good hour with both Demo versions of Mirrors Edge, it's clear Dice Studios are headed in the right direction in terms of gameplay. In terms of Graphics, Mirrors Edge has a fantastic art style to it that compliments the unique gameplay and control mechanics.

    Of course, like the majority of Multi-platform releases, there were a few differences between the versions, specifically in the Graphics department. Here's what I noticed during my playthrough:

    - PS3 version has richer and more defined colors than the Xbox 360 version.
    - PS3 version has slightly sharper textures (Not to be confused with jaggies, which brings me to my next point).
    - Xbox 360 version has slightly less jaggies than the PS3 version.

    Overall, both versions look great, and while the PS3 version edges out the Xbox 360 version, it's not a big enough difference to claim one version completely floors the other.

    Mirror's Edge will be launching worldwide for both PS3 and 360 in November 2008. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    sekemc Guest
    The demo blew me away and I will probably be picking this game up. Any chance of posting some side-by-side comparison pictures so we can see the difference?

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    Starlight Guest
    There is a video comparison on mirror's edge at this site.


    Here is a still pic of the PS3 and the Xbox360 version.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Lol the demo was beautiful... only difficult as hell i think i'll pass...

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