Hudson Entertainment's Marketing Team Member Marcello Lagosh has announced today on the PlayStation Blog that Military Madness: Nectaris PSN Game Night begins tomorrow- November 20, 2009.

To quote: I am pleased to announce an event of EPIC MADNESS! Members of Hudson Entertainment, Backbone Entertainment and are challenging all of you to a fun night of Military Madness: Nectaris on the PlayStation Network.

We will be hosting 4-player versus matches over the PlayStation Network tomorrow, Friday, November 20th, from 5pm PT/8pm ET to 7pm PT/10pm ET.

Sounds awesome, right? This madness has yet to begin!

If you come in first place in an online match with one of the people below, you will win a Military Madness: Nectaris Dog Tag. Only a few of these were made and are numbered for authenticity. To receive the Military Madness: Nectaris Dog Tag, send a PSN message with your email to the game host (their PSN IDs are below) for the match you placed first in.

They will send us your email and then we will contact you for your shipping information. It's that simple. Every person on the list below will be running their own online match so be sure to search the Friendly Match section of Multiplayer to find us. Just a reminder, we are shipping these tags to gamers in North America only.

If you don't already have Military Madness: Nectaris yet, the full game is on the PlayStation Store right now for only $9.99. Finally, to stay up to date with this event, look for updates in the comment section of this post and @HudsonEnt on Twitter.

So let's review. You can play an updated classic in 1080p against the people that made it and the gamers that love it, then win rare item for beating them. "THIS IS MADNESS!!!" you may say to yourself. No, it's not madness. This is how we do things at Hudson Entertainment.

We are all about having fun and doing something special for all the gamers out there. So get ready for the reign of MADNESS that will descend upon the PlayStation Network tomorrow night.

So what do you think? Leave thoughts in the comments section. I will be reading the comments and answering any questions that I can.

The Challengers:

Marcello Lagosh
Marketing team member at Hudson Entertainment
PSN ID: Zakupilot256

Military Madness: Nectaris Producer
PSN ID: GoldenGod503

Michael Graeb
Engineer at Backbone Entertainment
PSN ID: lowly_programmer

Eric Hope
Engineer at Backbone Entertainment
PSN ID: NinjaKittens

Kyle Tunison
Engineer at Backbone Entertainment
PSN ID: Derrigo

Terry Founder
PSN ID: Trickman

Ken Founder
PSN ID: X_Sushi_X

Joel Mod
PSN ID: Fivespot

Pete Mod

Interactive Distractions podcast
PSN ID: Shinobishi

PS Nation podcast
PSN ID: SavoryCade

Welcome to the GOO (Gamers Only Older)
PSN ID: thesau31

Welcome to the GOO (Gamers Only Older)
PSN ID: TheNorte

Sisters in Gaming podcast
PSN ID: catw0man72

Sisters in Gaming podcast
PSN ID: nermassa

Sisters in Gaming podcast
PSN ID: SaberG

Amplified Gamers podcast
PSN ID: SinfoniaSam

On Tap podcast
PSN ID: GFgruel

360 Nation podcast (Hey, they're PS3 gamers too!)
PSN ID: Phillip_J_Fry

360 Nation podcast
PSN ID: Randum

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