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    Midway Arcade Origins: Play 31 Arcade Classics Today on PS3

    Backbone Entertainment Producer Jeremy Mahler has announced that with Midway Arcade Origins fans can play 31 Arcade Classics starting today on PS3!

    To quote: Today, Backbone is excited to give PS3 owners a chance to truly test their old-school arcade skills. For those of you who can actually remember having to put tokens or quarters into an actual Joust or Robotron machine, you may know this isn't the first Midway collection Backbone has developed.

    But Midway Arcade Origins is the first of this generation, and it's definitely the best ever with 31 Midway arcade games assembled on one disc.

    First off, we really wanted to make sure we paid proper homage to the collection's arcade roots, so right from the main menu we included a model of the original arcade cabinet and the marquee (arcade term for the light-up game logo) for each game. In terms of emulation quality, each game looks and plays exactly the same as its arcade counterpart.

    In fact, the PS3's capabilities has made it possible for many of the games to feature true sound emulation for the first time on a console, resulting in a better sound response than in any previous collection.

    In a further attempt to capture the arcade spirit, each game features its own unique wallpaper background based on the game's original bezel artwork or cabinet side art.

    As many of the games in this collection were also responsible for feeding what would become the high score craze of the 80's, it was a no-brainer to include online leaderboards.

    In the game's Score Attack mode, players are only given one game (or credit) to get as far as they can with the default settings. This is the true test of the high score king, and we're looking forward to seeing the results posted on the scoreboards for everyone to see.

    This is also the only mode where Trophies can be unlocked, so you're going to have show some skill to earn them -- keep reading to see the full Trophy list below.

    We also included a Free Play mode for more casual players, where you can adjust the same original arcade settings the arcade operators did. This enables you to tweak how the game plays, such as changing the difficulty setting, adding more lives per credit, or increasing the gameplay timer.

    The endless credits of Free Play mode enables you to sit down with a friend and finally get to see the end of games such as Smash TV and Total Carnage, or get a marathon four-player session of Gauntlet going.

    Beyond that, we also added a couple options in terms of visuals. There's a filter that gamers can apply to the graphics in order to give them a smoother, more modern look. If players don't like the way this looks, they can stick with the pixel perfect, non-filtered version, which still looks great on a high definition television.

    We even added a bit of trivia to the game. If the game is paused for any reason, a scroll bar will appear and detail some facts and interesting odds and ends about each game's development and release. So don't say we didn't warn you in the event you learn something... and see you on the leaderboards!

    Trophy List

    Gold Medalist
    In Score Attack Mode, earn a Gold Medal on any event.

    Get Freaky
    In Score Attack Mode, take down Freddy Freak.

    Arch Rivals
    In Score Attack Mode, score at least 6 consecutive points.

    In Score Attack Mode, sweep up a big bug.

    Championship Sprint
    True Champion
    In Score Attack Mode, get first place in 3 consecutive races

    Tournament Cyberball 2072
    Great Coaching
    In Score Attack Mode, score at least 12 consecutive points

    They Need a Hero
    In Score Attack Mode, save 3 civilians

    Doesn't Need Food Badly
    In Score Attack Mode, reach Level 8

    Gauntlet 2
    In Score Attack Mode, reach Level 7

    Dinosaur Slayer
    In Score Attack Mode, defeat a Pterodactyl

    Joust 2
    Long Live the Bird
    In Score Attack Mode, reach Wave 5

    Marble Madness
    High Roller
    In Score Attack Mode, defeat the beginner race within 15 seconds

    Pit Fighter
    Ultimate Fighter
    In Score Attack Mode, defeat 3 consecutive opponents

    In Score Attack Mode, defeat 3 consecutive cities

    Target Practice
    In Score Attack Mode, defeat the first 3 ships in the first level in one battle

    Robotron: 2084
    Family Man
    In Score Attack Mode, rescue 7 family members without losing a life

    Rootbeer Tapper
    Tap that Glass
    In Score Attack Mode, serve 25 customers without dropping a glass

    Satan's Hollow
    In Score Attack Mode, defeat Satan

    You Hunger
    In Score Attack Mode, defeat Sinistar

    Smash TV
    Reality Show-Off
    In Score Attack Mode, defeat the first level

    Spy Hunter
    Score Hunter
    In Score Attack Mode, break 10,000 points

    Spy Hunter 2
    In Score Attack Mode, play the game for 15 consecutive minutes

    Civvie Saver
    In Score Attack Mode, rescue 3 civilians

    Super Off-Road
    X-Treme Off-Road
    In Score Attack Mode, get first place in 3 consecutive races

    Super Sprint
    Burning Rubber
    In Score Attack Mode, get first place in 3 consecutive races

    Ride the Wave
    In Score Attack Mode, complete Colorado without sinking

    Total Carnage
    Total Warpage
    In Score Attack Mode, use a shortcut

    Vindicators Part II
    On Base
    In Score Attack Mode, defeat your first base

    Wizard of Wor
    In Score Attack Mode, have at least 10,000 points and 3 times your opponent's score at the same time

    Not Afraid
    In Score Attack Mode, survive the first level

    Third-Person Shooter
    In Score Attack Mode, survive 3 levels without dying

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    macdude2012 Guest
    I can play these gamea already with the help of the mame emulator on my ps3

    But this is a good release for all the old school gamers

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    elser1 Guest
    man i wish they would release ghost's n goblins.. PLEASE!!! lol

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