announced today that its software now enables 2D applications as such as Microsoft Office as well as 3D games to be used remotely on low spec Windows notebooks, Linux devices and the PlayStation 3. offers its members the flexibility to use their 2D applications installed on a main PC on any other PC or Linux device in their home or home office. The application does not need to be installed on the remote PC/device. Their applications can be viewed at HDTV resolution and two people can simultaneously use the same application making it easy to collaborate.

All 2D applications can be used including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, XP Media Center and even Photoshop along with commercial applications such as MYSQL Administrator and SAP's Database Manager.

Gamers who use Valve's Steam network can now use StreamMyGame to remotely see Steam's 2D launcher. They can start games such as Half Life 2, Counter Strike Source and Team Fortress and then record, broadcast and stream them, even to the PlayStation 3.

"Our members wanted to be able to launch and play their Steam games remotely," said Richard Faria CEO. "We have delivered that and provided them with the ability to access email and use other office applications as if they were in front of their PC," he said. "Now they can play games and use applications anywhere around the home".

StreamMyGame will extend its services in late March 2008 to enable games and applications to be used remotely over broadband networks and will release an office version of its technology later this year.

"Our new Linux player contains many optimisations including the use of the Cell's multi-core architecture. It has improved video playback with a higher gamut and deeper blacks to provide high quality HDTV streaming," said Richard.

StreamMyGame software is available free by simply registering at

Customers can use the free service or subscribe for $9.99 per year for resolutions up to HDTV 720p or $19.99 per year for higher resolutions.

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