[IMGW]http://www.1up.com/media?id=2309533[/IMGW]Quickly, third-party publishers have moved from platform exclusivity to supporting Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 simultaneously. Devil May Cry, once a Sony-exclusive series, is suddenly appearing on both this fall. Last generation, Xbox would have received the port six months later. Now, it's at the same time. Rumors suggested the same fate's falling on one of PS3's biggest hitters, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

1UP's James Mielke, Ryan O'Donnel and Shane Bettenhausen joined Ryan Payton's Kojima Productions Report podcast this week in Japan, where the four debated the ups and downs of multi-platform production, SIXAXIS support and more. You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, download the MP3 directly or keep tabs on the podcast's website.

Payton knows fans have legitimate concerns about Kojima Productions possibly compromising the game's ambition due to issues arising from concurrent Xbox 360 development -- divided resources, less disc space, etc. -- and he addressed those directly:
"I can tell you honestly at this point, we have not changed the game in any form with the idea of 'oh, we got to do this on 360.' Put aside whether or not we're developing for 360 or not, the game is built on the PS3 hardware, as you guys have known for the past two years or so."

In other words: if MGS4 comes to Xbox 360, it has not affected the game's development. This is the same game Hideo Kojima decided to produce from day one. Make sure to listen to the podcast for more from Payton and the 1UP boys about Snake, Xbox 360 vs. PS3 and more.

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