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    Apr 2005

    MGS 4 English Gameplay Demo for PS3 out!

    Courtesy of GameTrailers, this is the 15 minute English Gameplay Demo for MGS4: Guns of the Patriots from the Metal Gear 20th Anniversary celebration.

    Video below- enjoy!


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    knalelr Guest
    Oh my god. I am so looking forward to this. Love the vid! Cant wait. Release date is on 12 June... 3 months to go

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    mastek Guest
    is this game supporting 1080p ?

  4. #4
    Unreal22 Guest
    Awesome !!!!! I cant wait until its out

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    loonyx11 Guest
    is there an HD version out?

  6. #6
    justinbarnekow Guest

    Red Face

    how do i download the demo? what firmware do i need to download cause im 1.94 and i cant download anything from psn.

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    greenwichboi Guest
    i saw this trailer long ago on uk psn, was a free download.. dunno why you've just seen it, but still the game looks absolutely amazing

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    darksector26 Guest

    this is not a playable demo just a demostration of the game.

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    ShadowRuna Guest
    Cant wait for this its going to be great. Really want to see a vid of the intro movie, its supposed to be amazing and different to anything we've seen before. Its like 12mins long too!

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    strongi Guest
    i can't wait for the release. Is going to be a demo before it comes out? This is going to be the best game ever!

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