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    sithvegeta Guest

    MGO BETA ready for download, still can't play obviously

    For those of you who have been accepted into the Metal Gear Online BETA in the United States, the 741MB download is primed and ready for the taking!

    Though actual game-play doesn't start until April 21st, this download wasn't supposed to be available until tomorrow so here's to hoping for a slip-up when it comes time to open the servers (sooner rather than later, I mean!

    Download links here: THE ALL NEW PS3 Store Links Thread

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    edpsx Guest
    Anyone get this to work via proxy? I can download it, but it doesnt show up anywhere and if I wait for the install instead of background downloading I get an error. Firm 2.30. Im gonna play around with the Folding method tonight and see what I can get.

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