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Thread: Metal Gear Online's Second Expansion to be Playable at TGS 2008

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    Metal Gear Online's Second Expansion to be Playable at TGS 2008

    Still playing Metal Gear Online? If you are, you've probably played the original game and the first expansion "Gene" to death already. It might just be about time for a new expansion; Konami seems to agree.

    According to these new magazine scans courtesy of omaru from GameTrailers, MGO's second expansion dubbed "Meme" will feature both Liquid Ocelot and Mei Ling as new prized characters.

    Then there are a handful of new maps: Silo Sunset, Forest Firefight and Winter Warehouse. It shouldn't be too difficult to figure out what those maps will look like judging by their respective titles. Silo Sunset, however, seems to be set in an area with ruined buildings and not actually inside a massive silo.

    A price and date has not been specified, though we can't imagine that a price would be any different from the previous Gene expansion. It looks like the earliest anyone would be getting their hands on the new expansion would be at Tokyo Game Show -- where it will be open to the public. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I like MGO. But I don't think the expansions are worth what they charge. the new one should be no more then 4 dollars in my opinion, since it only has 3 maps. Like the first one it's stupid. The first one was also over priced and only came with extra characters as the difference. Also it should not be 7 dollars to make a new account. That's bull!

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    MoO9820 Guest
    Im actually looking forward to this I have played MGO so much, its time to have some freshness added to it Cant wait!

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    Treacles Guest
    I thought the first pack was reasonably priced tbh... 10 for 3 maps, 2 characters, female characters, Survival... This one will probably be a bit cheaper though

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