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Thread: Metal Gear Online - SCENE Expansion Release Date and Details

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    Metal Gear Online - SCENE Expansion Release Date and Details

    Konami Online's Brandon Laurino announced the following Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion release date and details today via PS Blog:

    We're happy to announce the official release date and more details about the SCENE Expansion pack for Metal Gear Online.

    SCENE will be available separately for $9.99 and offered as a bundle with the second MGO Expansion pack, MEME, for $14.99 as well as all three expansion packs - GENE, MEME, and SCENE, for just $17.99 on March 17, 2009 via Metal Gear Online's in-game shop and Konami's shop.

    All will be available for purchase using the PlayStation Network Wallet (as well as PayPal, in addition to the previous payment methods). The pre-order period for SCENE starts on March 10, 2009, and will run up until release date.

    I know many of you are curious to know each of the new special character's (Raiden and Vamp) weapons and abilities, as both characters display incredible talents in the Metal Gear Solid 4 single player campaign. You'll be happy to know that many of their same abilities will be available in Metal Gear Online.

    And remember, all players who pre-order SCENE will receive the special "cardboard man" head gear for free!

    Raiden is quite agile, can run very fast and uses a High Frequency Blade. Much like in the single player campaign, he is best at close-range hand-to-hand combat. He will be able to jump to high places where ordinary soldiers would need a co-op boost, and can also fall from high places and land without taking damage.

    Naturally, he can use his High Frequency Blade, which can be used to deflect frontal attacks when drawn, in addition to attacks. He can also choose to use it in a non-lethal mode, by using the back of the blade. He also will have Throwing Knives available, and can headshot other players by using them. He also has a special VISOR that, when in the closed position, will be able to detect traps.

    As he does not have nano-machines implanted into his body, he will be unable to use the SOP Link, SOP Destabilizer and the SOP system information gathering skills such as scanning, etc. All SOP related abilities and affects are therefore nullified when using this character.

    Vamp, master of knives, is agile, runs incredibly fast and excels at close-range hand-to-hand combat, especially when using his Combat Knife and Throwing Knife, which he can use to headshot other players, like Raiden.

    He will be able to jump to hard-to-reach places, fall from high places without taking damage - but will be able to utilize the SOP system and fall victim to it, unlike Raiden. His unique nano-machines will also make him seem immortal, every time he is defeated during the game, he will be resurrected in the same location.

    There will also be a new game type opened to all MGO players: Solo Capture (SCAP). SCAP is a FREE-FOR-ALL Match with no team divisions. Capturing the Kerotan frog will make that player's timer begin to decrease.

    The player who can keep possession of the Kerotan frog the longest, and allows their timer to reach zero first, will be the winner. If a player who isn't holding the Kerotan is killed, no points will be awarded, but that player's timer will be reduced.

    Also included in SCENE is a great deal of new gear that you can use to customize your character, including the Bikini Outfit, Clown Face Paint, Haven Trooper Uniform Set, Resistance Uniform Set, Hockey Mask, Mohawk Wig, Short Cut Wig, Shirtless, and Robbie (Silent Hill character).

    There's still a lot more cool stuff in SCENE yet to be revealed, stay tuned to the PlayStation.Blog for more updates in the coming weeks!

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    I really like that both new characters have a no fall damage feature. This feature will work quite well for surprise tactics to catch enemies from behind while waiting above. I also like how Raiden has no SOP abilities and disabilities, wich can prove quite helpful in online combat, considering alot of people rely on SOP features so much.

    Its also pretty cool that they included bundle features at a reduced price. This will pretty much ensure users purchasing all expansion packs, making it easier for friends to play with each other without the restraints of who has wich map pack.

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    paypal for me please!

    Really, this is all nice and dandy, but buying from the PSN store has always quite a big problem for me (and many other gamers) as i don't have an international credit card. this limits my experience on the PS3 and i am really disappointed that Sony has not introduced other payment options to fill the wallet on the PSN store. But in this article i see that paypal is a payment option? If it will be possible via the PSN store, then hurray!!

    P.S. If it's all true, then i'm also going to grab the Warhawk expansions as well as Flower.

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    you can pre-order/buy it from MGO Shop..

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