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    Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion PS3 Details Available!

    Konami Online's Brandon Laurino shares with us today MGO SCENE expansion details for Sony's PS3 as follows:

    Hello everyone - I'm excited to announce details of the new Metal Gear Online SCENE Expansion pack! Coming in March, there will be tons of new content to keep old and new players alike entertained: new maps, special characters, new gear, and of course a couple surprises.

    First, I'm excited to announce that now, in order to make the SCENE Expansion more accessible, players will be able to use their PayPal account, along with their PlayStation Network Wallet, if they so choose, to purchase the SCENE Expansion.

    For those players that want to get a head start on the action and pre-order SCENE through Metal Gear Online's in-game shop or Konami's shop, there's a special gift in store. Once the pre-order period starts, one week before the release date, all players who pre-order SCENE will receive a special "cardboard man" head gear for free. It should definitely provide ample cover for any bad hair day.

    Now for the stuff I know you all are most excited about, the new maps and characters!

    The first new map is Outer Outlet, an all new environment that takes place in a commercial mall area made up of lots of buildings and subterranean areas.

    Multiple floors with openings onto the areas above and below will offer many unique vantage points from which to stage the action, while the décor will provide plenty of unexpected places to seek cover. It should be ideal for medium to long range battles.

    Second is Hazard House, set in a huge three story mansion - a take on the one seen from Act II of the MGS4 single player game. Lots of doors, hallways, and blind corners, will make for intense claustrophobic combat.

    Third is Ravaged Riverfront - a take on the Eastern European environment from Act III of the MGS4 single player game - with a large clock tower surrounded by lots of underground and underwater areas. Lots of clear space, perfect for long range attacks.

    SCENE will also bring two long awaited, much requested, special characters to MGO - Raiden and Vamp, both with impressive special abilities and offensive power to spare! First is Vamp, knife-expert extraordinaire. You may be able to defeat him once, but that's no guarantee he won't be back for more!

    Second is Raiden, whose appearance belies his extraordinary skill and agility in combat. They are formidable opponents, or one of them can be a great ally to have on your team. Yes, you will indeed be able to have a multiplayer battle between Raiden and Vamp, which is a fun as it looks! More specifics about their abilities will be revealed soon!

    Next week, we will be releasing a trailer for SCENE on the PlayStation Network and the PlayStation Blog, so please look out for that. There's even more on the way with the SCENE Expansion - stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog in the coming weeks for more details!

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    Veritech Guest
    This seems like it will be well worth getting. The maps alone would be worth it alone, never mind two of the better characters of the game. I can't wait to see some cool footage on how they are incorporated. I'm also pleased to see that they issued usage of the PSNwallet and Pay-Pal functionality. It's alot more self assuring buying a PSNstore card than having even more companies have your personal data.

    This title really sets the standard for online DLC and community functionality. If more developers followed this path of consecutive updates and activities they would be seeing alot more players on there server for long lengths of time. I stopped playing this title since the release of Socom Confrontation and I now belive I'll be returning for this new update.

    I really hope more shooter titles really understand the importance of being there for the players, and also thinking that by skipping the manufacturing process and cutting out the middle man they can make greater profits off DLC than expected.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    I have over 1200 hours of MGO over the last 7 months. I love the game and I love all the new expansion packs.

    It's also nice to see finally Konami is doing something about all the cheater's. Which as we know all on line games have there fair share of. But it is just truly disappointing to sit there and play with these low life's everyday. As they simply do not care about the integrity of the game. First the glitchers and now it's lag users.

    The only other super huge big issue with this game is it's god awful lag issue. Be it other player's or this region lock some have talked about being the issue of the huge game lag. This needs to be addressed fast ( if possible ). I spent a great deal of time and money trying to make sure it wasn't on my end. Had Comcast come to my home 5 times. Run a new line from the house to the street hub. I got a new hi-tech gaming router, up graded to Comcasts 22mpbs cable package. I hardwired both my PS3's and guess what? The game runs no different at all. Still shot behind walls, watching player's flash all over the map. With some looking like they just fell off a building. Only to reappear back up on top of the building, etc,etc. The game just does not run smooth at all period.

    Oh and the community for the most part on MGO just sucks, lol. A bunch of totally immature kids acting well. Like kids, lol. I just mute and mute and mute them all. Both their mic's and their text messages. But sure like I said before. Another issue all on line games have as well. But team stacking, host leaving just before the games end is something you deal with every single day.

    edit Oh and... I try and not let all this negative stop me from enjoying the game. As I'm a super die-hard 10 year vet of the MGS series. Just love anything MGS.

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    Veritech Guest
    I hear you on the lag issues, it really seems to effect every shooter title I play. MGO was actually one of the better games as far as lag issues went. For me most of there lag issues happened during survival matches, which were the most important ones for me and my friends. That alone lead me towards other titles do to the dissatisfaction I was receiving every planed out survival weekend.

    I belive that when creating these servers for online shooters that they should incorporate a connection speed type lobbying system that will only allow players with a bandwidth equal or higher to the particular lobby of choice. Another good addition to that type of lobbying system would be a bandwidth enforcement, therefore kicking players out of lobbies that there bandwidth no longer is to that lobby's bandwidth limitations. Therefore eliminating people with laggy connections and lag switchers alike.

    I'd have to say MGO does offer good service and thats whats bringing me to purchase this DLC.

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