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    Metal Gear Online - Race Mission & 'Patriot' PS3 Details Unveiled

    Konami Online's Brandon Laurino has revealed today both a Race Mission and 'Patriot' PS3 details for Metal Gear Online, as follows:

    Hello all! The SCENE Expansion pack was recently released for Metal Gear Online, which came with a ton of exciting new features, maps, and of course two new playable characters, Vamp and Raiden. But there's even more content coming soon!

    Starting on May 12th 2009, all players, not just those who have purchased SCENE, will be able to play an entirely new game mode, Race Mission! This mode pits two teams against each other, with the Blue Team searching for and protecting the KEROTAN target, and the Red Team searching for and protecting the GA-KO target.

    Each time a team passes a check point with its target in hand, a new checkpoint will be generated. If a team drops its target and the target is not retrieved within a set period of time, the target's position will be reset and the checkpoint will change.

    There will also be an exciting new "Patriot" feature available to all players, starting on May 26th. This feature will select a few lucky players every week starting from the 26th, and give them exclusive access to a 5.56mm Hand Rifle with infinite ammunition and no reload. Players will have access to these unique "Patriot" features until the next ranking update. You'd better watch out when a "Patriot" joins your game!

    These new features are open to all players, but there's even more content available in the three MGO Expansion Packs: SCENE, MEME, and GENE. All three are available via Metal Gear Online's in-game shop and Konami's shop. Along with all regular methods of payment, you are now able to use the PlayStation Network Wallet payment system.

    Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks, as the one-year anniversary of the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4 approaches, we'll be revealing even more awesome stuff to celebrate!

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    I have 1200+ hours of this game, level 14. I stopped playing for 3 reasons.

    One, I moved homes and was off the game for a few weeks. Thus loosing my Foxhound emblem. Which took me a long time to get since I play LEGIT! This game takes your emblem if you are not some slave sitting at it all the time. Bad enough to loose levels all the time due to cheaters.

    Two, damn the game lag! Seems the game is region locked. So we get all of Mexico that seems to be still on dial up speed.

    Three, the damn cheaters! Game is just crawling with them. I guess no different then asll the other online games. Because they all have cheaters. But with MGO, so very few play it compared to say COD4. You notice it every single game. More so when it comes to earning reward points (Tourney's and Survival).

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