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Thread: Metal Gear Online Gets Anniversary Bikini DLC Pack

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    Metal Gear Online Gets Anniversary Bikini DLC Pack

    In celebration of the the one-year anniversary of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots' release Konami has made available a Metal Gear Online Bikini DLC Pack.

    Rather than draw from the series' pool of female characters, the pack lets players roll their own originals, complete with sultry -even scandalous- "taunts."

    The DLC is free for players who already have the GENE expansion pack purchased and installed.

    A video of it in action is below, courtesy of NaomiHunter88 via YouTube. Enjoy!

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    prosecondbase7 Guest
    I don't know if this is something that I would pay for. If it is for free maybe ill download it and and light a few candles and get a jar of mayonnaise if you know what i mean.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    It's actually the scene expansion, I checked.

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