Media Molecule have said that the BETA version of LittleBigPlanet currently underway is based on "quite an old build". They say that they have some cool new stuff thatís been in their private test for a few days which will improve the game such as less lagginess and better online stability.

Media Molecule also seemed to apologize for Sony's decision to give 5,800 beta keys to only Eurogamer saying that the distribution of the keys is entirely in the hands of Sony. Media Molecule say that there are more keys coming SOON.

To quote: What AMAZES me is how good the first ísketchesí of levels are. it took our testers at least a few weeks of heavy create before incredible levels started appearing. and now something cool for you all to think about: youíve only seen the first 3 levels :)

Remember, this is a *beta* to test our servers, NOT a demo. Canít stress that enough! So, whatís is so cool for us to see, is that you havenít even seen the amazing story mode yet, which serves as inspiration, and yet the levels going up are already interesting. I canít wait to see what yíall do when you see the full game, and start cranking out levels.

Also, since itís a beta, itís already quite an old build. We have some cool new stuff thatís been in our private test for a few days, I wonít give it all away but there are things cooking such as 5-star ratings, (much) better performance and less lagginess, better online stability, better UI for publishing, faster downloads... so in a way playing this version is simultaneously exciting and an odd throwback to a couple of weeks ago.

Finally, to everyone who has supported the game, played the game, left comments, posted levels, and really got into the spirit of LBP, understood it, and well, enjoyed it, it makes me incredibly proud! Thanks for all comments and constructive feedback, weíre listening and we already have *stacks* of stuff lined up for the beta, and the full release. If you liked the first 3 story levels, the other 50 odd levels are going to blow you away :) HOORAY! I AM SO EXCITED!

ok Iíll stop now.


PS: sorry but beta keys and their distribution are actually entirely in the hands of Sony. MM have no control over this, so we canít help if anyone wants to get on the beta trial, I am certain (100%) there are more keys coming SOON but weíd recommend checking the playstation forums and all the usual places for news.

In fact, even MM hasnít received our own full set of keys yet - weíve only got about 10 between us all so far! (ok so we can play the game anyway, but, yíknow, in case it makes you feel better!) More PlayStation 3 News...