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Thread: Media Molecule Accepting LBP Water Kit BETA Applications

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    RadioactiveSoup Guest

    Media Molecule Accepting LBP Water Kit BETA Applications

    A few days ago the LittleBigPlanet Water DLC Add-on Kit was announced for PS3, and now they have opened BETA sign-ups.

    If you'd like the chance to participate in the Water Kit BETA, now's your chance!

    Here's the quote from their Web site:

    "It's not just a saying you know - We really do need to test the water to make sure the new features all work as planned, and we need your help to do it!

    How would you like to dive on in to the crystal clear waters and enjoy some splish-splashing about before everyone else? Get out your rubber rings people, this is gonna be one hell of a pool party!"

    [imglink=|Media Molecule Accepting LBP Water Kit BETA Applications][/imglink]
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    FrozenFear Guest

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    That is Awesome for LBP... I went to the beta.MM... And was trying to sign in... i wrote my email and PSN ID and put the COUNTRY! IM living in UAE So i wrote UAE ... then i saw that they dont accept arabic countries! im little bit angry but .. Cheers mate!!!! we will have water!!!

    Edit: i figured how to sign in .. i made new account and it worked even that its from UAE Sorry mates... my mistake Cheers!!! anyway! LBP sackboys and girls are jumping !!! happpy!!

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    violet412 Guest

    Big Grin

    I can't wait for the add-on kit to be out!

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