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    Apr 2005

    Mass Effect 3 PlayStation 3 Co-op Report: All 4 One Details

    Sony's Senior Social Media Specialist Sid Shuman has posted up an All 4 One co-op report today on Mass Effect 3 for the PlayStation 3 entertainment system.

    To quote: Yes, Virginia, there is a multiplayer mode in Mass Effect 3. And it's in the form of a galaxy-spanning PSN cooperative campaign that pits two to four players against wave after wave of relentless Reaper forces.

    In this way, the basic premise of Mass Effect 3's Galaxy at War co-op mode is not unlike Call of Duty's Nazi Zombies or Modern Warfare 2's Spec Ops, only with the series' robust RPG progression system making the jump in full force.

    In my demonstration of Galaxy at War, Bioware's team first teased what looked to be a large, interactive map that will enable teams to hop into different theaters of war spread around the galaxy.

    You won't be able to port your Commander Shepard into the co-op Galaxy at War mode; instead, you'll create a new character from scratch, earning XP by slaying enemies and completing objectives.

    The co-op scenarios are heavily combat focused, though simple objectives - such uploading computer files or disarming bombs - creep in from time to time. The pace is fast-paced and grueling, and your goal is simple: outlast your Reaper attackers.

    Galaxy at War's progression is wave-based and hierarchical, beginning with squads of grim-faced Assault Troopers before escalating into laser-rifle-toting Nemesis assassins and hulking Atlas mechs (and worse, presumably).

    As you mow down the Reaper forces, you'll accumulate weapons and assign new gun mods and skills before topping off at a level cap of 20 - just like in the single-player game.

    In the heat of the Reaper onslaught, melee attacks, tech powers, and biotics are critical to your survival, so choosing co-op partners with complementary skills and equipment will be a key consideration.

    As an example, a well-timed Tech skill such as Incinerate or Overload can zap a shielded enemy, giving your teammate a moment to slink to safety and finish the job; a Biotic expert can Pull enemies out of cover to expose them to gunfire. As in any co-op game, communication will be key. One immediately helpful UI touch: you can easily spot your teammates through walls via ghostly outlines.

    Single-player purists can stop worrying: Mass Effect 3's story-focused campaign will still be a strictly solo affair.

    Galaxy at War, however, provides a rare opportunity to experiment with a plethora of character builds away from the stiff consequences of the single-player battlefield, and bust some Reaper heads with your friends. Playing the multiplayer mode will also unlock certain content in the single-player campaign, though exactly what that content is remains a mystery for now.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    i can't wait for this game.. me2 was awesome.. i really want to platinum it and all i need to do is fin the game on the hardest setting but its really hard, for me anyways.. LOL

    any tips let me know.. so will you be getting this game?

    if you have never played mass effect 2 i'd advise you to try it soon.. its amazing!!

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    moja Guest
    I can't wait also. I 100% the first two, and loved every minute of it.

    elser1, I won't lie and say I didn't die, but insanity really is very doable. I think I used an engineer or infiltrator (I'll have to go back and check), used cover smartly and mostly blew dudes away with that power that curves around corners. If you have patience you can do it.

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    elser1 Guest
    cheers moja. i'll take your advice man.. + rep.

    yeah i'll have to go back.. its just the amount of time to spend on a game when theres so many to play.. i must say though its one game i'd love to platinum..

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    moja Guest
    I hear you. One thing I anticipate is getting owned by little kids in multiplayer. No matter which game I play these days, I just am not very good!

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Caught a little cold yesterday, been playing today me2 (for the first time the second part, still haven't completed first, though) it's really awesome and yeah, feeling better now, either me2 or gallons of tea worked. Or both of them. Cheers!

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