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Thread: Mass Effect 3 Available for PSN Pre-Order Now, Exclusive Bonuses

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    inginear Guest
    re: the two console activation limit for digital downloads. if you buy the physical media copy you can actually play it on an unlimited number of consoles. just not at the same time obviously. i fail to see how the two console limit for the digital version is an advantage over the physical media unlimited limit.

    plus, day one dlc for an additional cost?! any content that is fully complete on launch day should be included in the purchase price of the game. after all, there was no additional development cost incurred to complete the "extra" content if it is complete before the official launch of the game.

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    Digital can be on unlimited consoles like that as well. Just need to deactivate one first. It doesn't take long at all. So your point there is moot. This is just a comparison. No sides.

    Your second point is valid though. I hate micro transactions just and much as the next user.

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    ludolino Guest
    this will be an amazing game for sure

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