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    Masked Gunmen Make Off With PS3s

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    November 17, 2006 - California police are attempting to track down two hooded gunmen wanted for the robbery of an Elk Grove game store and stealing the entirety of their PS3 supply.

    The suspects casually walked into a GameStop store early Thursday morning toting guns, and casually walked out with several PS3s and four Xboxes.

    In a surprising break from racial profiling stereotypes, the suspects were described as an African-American and a Hispanic, both wearing hooded sweatshirts.

    With the supply of the PS3 being as limited as it is, undoubtedly these men were planning on raking in the dough reselling the consoles on eBay. The average closing price for PS3 auctions is $2,600.

    Thanks to IGN.com for sharing the news with us!

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    Oh my god, thats realy sad for the ppl who pre-orderd one, its even more sad you need to steal a PS3.

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    when fony, sorry i mean sony, price their console that high, most of the people in this world will need to steal one because its the only way they are ever going to get one!


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    I wonder how a buyer on ebay is going to feel after pay over $2000 for a pre ordered PS3, and then find out that the sellers pre ordered PS3 from Game Stop got stolen.

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    Angry Whats The Difference!

    Well Sony Has Done It Again I'm Gonna Go By A Wii & Asecond 360 Instead Of Ps3 This Year Supply And Demand? Does Sony Understand This Concept? If The Released 1,000,000 Instead Of 400,000 Here They Still Would Have Sold Them All And These Cronies Would'nt Be Stealing/making This Stupid Money On Ebay! Sony Just Lost A Life-long Customer!


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