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Thread: Make Phone Calls Using Your PS3 Console and Jajah Service

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    Make Phone Calls Using Your PS3 Console and Jajah Service

    Although the original article is quite dated, we haven't posted on this here yet... so for those who didn't already know:

    Similar to Skype, Jajah is a VOIP service which has modified its interface to allow gamers to make calls using the PS3 browser.

    According to this report, users will be able to make "free or cheap" phone calls, though the number has to be pre-configured.

    To quote: "Jajah now brings free or cheap calling into the living room and away from computers. Initiating a call with Jajah can now be done while lounging in front of the TV with no need to fire up the computer," said Roman Scharf, a Jajah co-founder.

    "This means that the whole family, regardless of interests or technological skills, can make cheap or even free calls from their normal home phone."

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    red8316 Guest
    As a skype user, i'm interested in seeing how this might work on the PS3. Hopefully the quality is better than some in game voice chats I've experienced. Looking forward to trying it out.

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    FrozenFear Guest


    In our country.. skype is blocked and its illegal, why ? because its free!!

    i tryed once to open skype in psp.. sayed this application is not available in your country, so.. i think Jajah will be blocked too here But good for you guys

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