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    Apr 2005

    MAG PS3 Servers Experience Heavy Traffic, BETA May Reach 6GB

    According to Examiner.com (linked above), an influx of new MAG BETA participants from both Qore subscribers and SCEE lottery winners led to a large increase in server load today.

    A post from Shijima in the MAG BETA Forum reveals this in detail along with hinting that the current 3GB download may total 6GB in size before all is finalized.

    To quote: "Okay, I'm sorry to have to bring you some bad news. Due to circumstances beyond our control and some serious server issues, we were unable to send any codes to anyone today. I've been told that the earliest the first batch is likely to be sent out is Monday. I know many of you won't like this, but I thought it best to let you all know so that you don't have to keep checking your inboxes.

    As it is, not even the existing users are having much luck getting into a game due to some critical download issues that the team are working to fix. As the servers are offline over the weekend, having to wait until next week is probably a blessing in disguise for you all. Hopefully by then all the problems will be fixed and the service will be running smoothly again.

    I should also warn you that it's only become apparent today that the download is going to be pretty big; possibly in the region of 5-6 GB. Again, I realize this may shock or upset some of you but please remember that this is a Beta trial; you are under no obligation to take part.

    The team are basically giving away the whole game as part of this trial because they need to test all scenarios and circumstances to ensure that the complex back-end server systems are all functioning correctly. If you can be patient enough with the downloads then you should be richly rewarded.

    If you hear stories about people disconnecting during download after X hours and then starting from 0% again, hopefully this won't apply to you next week. These are two of the biggest problems that the team are working to resolve right now.

    Sorry if you feel let down over all of this, but this is the reality of Beta trials and something you should come to expect and accept if you ever want to break into the Beta Trial Community. It is because we are having these problems at this stage that we can work to address them, in the hope that when you all purchase the final game you will have the best possible online experience for what will hopefully be one of the best online console shooters.

    Everyone at Sony appreciates your patience and understanding in this ... the end will come and your vouchers will arrive very soon now."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    semitope Guest
    They need to enable users to download the beta outside of the game launcher or whatever that thing that loads to download it is. Maybe put a beta section into the ps store that will add patch downloads to the download list and allow you to continue using your ps3 or let users download the files through a computer and have a plugin in the xmb that will load beta for install.

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    lgmarques Guest
    I think itīs funny to say that "itīs a beta test, so get over it". Actually, I read around the net that the first MAG test had a similar problem. If itīs a beta, why not solve this problem for the second round? Why not let us download it in PSN style, so we can use the system and resume download afterwards?

    I let my system on overnight to download this to come to an error disappointment in the morning.

    I didn't expect such a problem from a team developing such a high standard game.

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    abepop Guest

    Same here

    got up to 86% then had to restart it. Screw it. Not worth the bandwith. does anyone else experience slow dl's throught PSN or is it just me?

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    semitope Guest
    I got to 99% and it froze. Maybe if i waited a couple more hours it would have unfrozen... but I didn't.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    Well, Beta means Beta at the end of the day. Sucks that it happens before the weekend too. But nice of them to come forward and not have users sitting around waiting.

    Anyone know if your stats and player name carry over to the real game once the Beta is over? Or do you just start from zero again with a fresh newly made up player?

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    Phreakuency Guest
    You guys are lucky to even be in the beta.

    I subscribed to Qore months ago and was supposed to receive my beta key via email but have yet to get that email

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    Transient Guest
    At least during the first go around it would resume after you were disconnected. Now you have to start over from scratch, even if you already received 98% of it before disconnected.

    Kinda sucks, but oh well. Better to get it sorted out now than in the retail release.

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    semitope Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Phreakuency View Post
    You guys are lucky to even be in the beta.

    I subscribed to Qore months ago and was supposed to receive my beta key via email but have yet to get that email
    You need to try to get in the beta otherwise. I got in through UfragTV when they were covering PAX. They give away codes occasionally still and Gametrailers.com as well. You need to follow them on twitter and using other methods. ALso there is a MAG signup for EU/UK going on thats open for 16000 people. Go to the eu playstation blog to read about it.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lgmarques View Post
    Why not let us download it in PSN style, so we can use the system and resume download afterwards?
    Because of the COST mainly (developers / publishers pay Sony for GBs DLed from PSN Store) as well as speed / servers load. P2P is simply better for this and as long as the resume will work correctly I see no problem with that ...

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