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    MAG PS3 Public Beta Update v1.30 is Now Available

    SCEA's Director of Development Seth Luisi has announced today that the MAG PS3 Public Beta update v1.30 is now available.

    To quote: This morning we released a new MAG Public Beta update. The new MAG Public Beta update includes a new PSN Title update (version 1.30) and new game data.

    This new MAG Public Beta release includes over 8,000 updates and fixes, too many to list in detail. You can start downloading it now to have it ready for when the servers open at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

    Some of the patch highlights are:

    - Framerate improvements in all environments
    - Vote/ Kick implemented
    - Art and lighting updates to all levels
    - Art updates to weapons, vehicles and objects
    - Animation improvement and updates
    - Client patching improvements
    - Design tuning on all environments (attacker/defender, out of bounds, sightlines, routing...)
    - Tuned all skills (skill point expense, skill trees, skill effects)
    - Tuning pass on experience rewarded for all actions (resuscitate, heal other, destroy turret, destroy motor pool....)
    - Tuning pass on player & leadership experience progressions
    - Full audio tuning pass
    - Bunker, APC, and Spawn camera adjustments
    - Lowered initial spawn times for attackers and defenders for all gametypes
    - Update Major/Minor victory and loss percentages and conditions for all gametypes
    - Updated Domination gametype scoring values
    - Improved weapon feel and hit feedback
    - A lot of the changes are based directly on feedback from the MAG Public Beta community. Please keep this feedback coming, it really helps us improve the title.

    If you are not yet a part of the MAG Public Beta there is still time. If you pre-order MAG at GameStop in the US or EB Games in Canada you receive access to the MAG Public Beta. And remember, from November 9th until November 20th the only way to access the MAG Public Beta in North America is to pre-order MAG.

    We look forward to seeing you in battle.

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    grudge1981 Guest
    nice i was hoping for an update soon, hope this makes this already pretty awesome piece of work better.

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    skotosa Guest
    Sweet, this will make the game way more fun.

    I'm downloading right now but its really slow for me. Hope its just cause of traffic and will clear up.

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    sharks Guest
    ok, i don't understand... it started as a 37MB update and then it's now downloading 2800MB from the servers!! is this normal?

  5. #5
    semitope Guest
    Yes it is. The update affects the entire beta so it should be expected. I think the smaller update might be just for the netcode or something similar while the large one puts in the sounds, textures etc

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest
    What the hell. I JUST updated to the most previous update. The beta times are ridiculous and the updates are incredibly large.

  7. #7
    skotosa Guest
    I fear I'm stuck at 99 percent. Any advice, waiting is all I can do or restart.

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    grudge1981 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by skotosa View Post
    I fear I'm stuck at 99 percent. Any advice, waiting is all I can do or restart.
    hit the ps button, quit game, and launch it again. it will check whats downloaded and finish downloading. no fears

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    skotosa Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by grudge1981 View Post
    hit the ps button, quit game, and launch it again. it will check whats downloaded and finish downloading. no fears
    Yeah I've done that 7 or 8 times already. At first it helped it progress from .17 to .87 but now its at 2681.17Mb and won't move up. So close yet so far. I've restarted 4 times already giving it 40 minutes each time and nothing.

    Just being really patient.

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    TheCasbah Guest


    I am also stuck at 99%... Please don't tell me I have to redownload that monstrous patch.

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