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Thread: MAG PS3 Patch v1.05 Arrives April 19, 2010 - Details Available

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    MAG PS3 Patch v1.05 Arrives April 19, 2010 - Details Available

    Today Jeremy Dunham has detailed the latest MAG PS3 patch version 1.05, which will arrive on April 19, 2010.

    To quote: Over the last few weeks, we've been prepping some behind-the-scenes updates in an effort to maximize your shooting experience circa 2025. The result of our labor is the new and improved MAG version 1.05.

    To get it, all you have to do is boot up the game as you normally would and let the automatic downloader do the rest.

    Once the new patch is installed, you can expect to find a number of nifty technical fixes that should minimize your chances of getting the occasional lock-up, increase the likelihood of your team getting good leaders, and improve the realism of your weapons with various gun updates.

    MAG v.1.05 will be available starting Monday, April 19 at 1am Pacific/ 4am Eastern/ 9am GMT. For the full list of changes look below and for the complete history of MAG fixes and patches.

    Patch v1.05 - Available April 19, 2010 | 41MB (TPPS), 40MB (DLS)


    - Improved the automatic Leadership selection criteria to make players with microphones more likely to be selected than those without them (note: this does not prevent players without microphones from being selected as leaders)
    - Adjusted automatic Leadership selection criteria to include Leadership point total in preference formula.


    - Repaired bug that prevented players who were incapacitated and then revived from throwing grenades until they reload.
    - Fixed issue with the game lock-ups caused by "hanging" black screen following the conclusion of a gameplay round.
    - Repaired crash that sometimes occurred after playing more than 15 consecutive rounds.
    - Resolved issue with rare game crash that occurred during playback of intro video.
    - Numerous localization changes for in-game text.


    - Adjusted iron sights to give player clearer view for the following weapons: AK-103, M4A1, PKP MG, Apex 100, RTK-74, Boudini 12 Gauge, and T-195.
    - Improved accuracy on all iron sights and red dot sights.
    - Increased upwards-recoil to all machine guns.
    - Slightly increased accuracy for pistols, PDWs, and SMGs.

    [imglink=|MAG PS3 Patch v1.05 Arrives April 19, 2010 - Details Available][/imglink]
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    proskopina Guest

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    thanks boss for sharing.. nice update too!!!

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    superste2201 Guest
    Awesome! Now i just have to wait for geohot's 3.21...

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    PsychokillazCx3 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by superste2201 View Post
    Awesome! Now i just have to wait for geohot's 3.21...
    +1 nice update except for the increase recoil to all machine guns

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    soad2237 Guest
    This recent update has actually started to CAUSE hangs at the end of rounds, as well as numerous glitches with my weapon setups. I've tried many different load-outs with the sniper rifle (Raven) but for some reason at the start of the game the sniper is not in the hands of my character.

    When looking through a scope, there are no cross-hairs, so there is no way to aim. Grenades will do the same when accompanied with the sniper rifle, as well as the medical kit, claymore, and secondary weapons. Only my sniper rifle load-outs do this, and this only began occurring after the most recent patch (1.05).

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    LIL935 Guest
    Boss thank you for your update and it is good information on this game.. mag has 256 players at the same time!

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