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    MAG PS3 Patch Update v1.01a Arrives Tomorrow, Fixes Bugs

    Today Jeremy Dunham has announced that MAG PS3 patch update v1.01a will arrive tomorrow and fix bugs along with some server-side changes.

    To quote: We hope you're enjoying your MAG experience so far and welcome your continued feedback regarding what you like, what you love, and what you think could use some improvements.

    With that in mind, we'll be implementing a tiny little patch (300KB) early tomorrow morning that will automatically download as soon as you start the game.

    This particular patch mends an issue with our skies that should give you slightly better visual fidelity when you're looking upward.

    Before the patch is available, however, we will be performing a number of maintenance fixes on the server-side as well - which means there will be downtime sometime during our usual window of 1am Pacific/ 4am Eastern/ 9am GMT and 3am Pacific/ 6am Eastern/ 11pm GMT.

    MAG Patch v1.01a


    - Resolved issue that caused banding and/or artifacts in the sky.


    - Server performance enhancements with a focus on reducing lag issues.
    - Lowered chances of encountering 5:5 errors
    - Added additional statistics-focused servers
    - Added additional servers for Japan.
    - Reduces the amount of time after a game finishes before stats post to account.

    MAG PS3 Patch Update v1.01a Arrives Tomorrow, Fixes Bugs

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    MAN I NEVER LOOK AT THE SKY! I am too busy drilling holes in peoples heads ha ha, happy with server fixes tho

    I love patches for games

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