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Thread: MAG PS3 Patch 2.01 Update Released, Fixes Freezing Issues

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    MAG PS3 Patch 2.01 Update Released, Fixes Freezing Issues

    A few weeks back the MAG 2.0 PS3 Patch was released and some users reported freezing issues as a result of the update, but today Chris Roper has announced that the 2.01 patch update should remedy them.

    To quote: "The release of MAG 2.0 represented the culmination of months of work on our end and marked what was easily the biggest collection of overall improvements to the game since its debut in January.

    Not everything was perfect, however, as some users have reported freezing issues since MAG 2.0?s release, but today's 2.01 patch should clear most everything up.

    It's a short, but sweet, update that aims to fix a handful of important stability issues, and also adds in a couple voiceover messages. Enjoy!

    Patch v2.01 - Available October 13, 2010 | 34MB (TPPS)

    - Voiceover plays when vehicles are extracted in Acquisition
    - Voiceover calls out sensor abilities when mortar battery is down
    - Various stability improvements"

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    Didn't like this game before. But after 2.0 update and move controls very fun. 8.5/10

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