Today Jeremy Dunham has updated the official blog with details of the incoming MAG PS3 Patch 1.04, and he also shared news of free bonus armor.

To quote: First up is the availability of our pre-order bonus armor!

Originally offered as part of our incentive plan to those who purchased the game prior to its release on January 26, these special "medium improved" armor types and their faction-specific camo (Spyder for Raven, Hazard for SVER, and Bulldog for Valor) are now accessible to any and all MAG players in North America starting today, March 11.

The best part? They're all free! All you have to do is log on to the PlayStation Store after today's update and grab 'em when you see 'em. Once they've been obtained, your new armor can then be found in-game between the medium and heavy armor types when prepping your character in the loadout screen.

Expect it to take up 800ccs of your total capacity. Stay tuned for bonus armor release timing in other regions outside of North America in the near future.

But that's not all. We're also pleased to announce that the latest patch update is coming too! Available starting tomorrow, March 12, at 1am Pacific/ 4am Eastern/ 9am GMT, our new patch tidies up a few technical things while also addressing two bigger items: fixing a bug that allowed downed players to revive inside geometry like vehicles and objectives, in addition to blocking several "lag pedal" exploits from users that employ special devices as an attempt to cheat (Busted!).

Patch v1.04 - Available March 12, 2010 | 40MB (TPPS), 30MB (DLS)


- Fixed bug that made it possible for incapacitated players to be revived inside geometry (objectives, vehicles, walls, bridges, etc.).
- Corrected "Kills at 120m" stat display bug.


- Sniper rifles have been tuned to be less effective when they're not scoped.
- Slightly pushed out "effective" range of all short-ranged weapons (pistols, PDWs, shotguns, SMGs).


- Fixed error text "undefined Unnamed" and the appearance of a blue APC icon that appeared when a Squad Leader FRAGO'd an APC objective.


- Significant anti-cheat improvement that minimizes and blocks several "lag pedal" device exploits.
- Enhanced all queues to accept Zipper-activated "Directives" game states.

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